Thanks to all the hard work of the students in ITMT 492/593. This is a class where we focus on creating Embedded Systems, "Smart Device Technology" prototypes. We are solving and creating real devices here. I would also like to thank Dr. Dan Tomal for his help in co-teaching. If you like what you see and want to join in - all departments are welcome. Email me at

Opening Remarks</strong>
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2 Minute intro to what is being presented here</p>


Pop-It, Lock-It, Drop-It</strong>
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People buy locks not only for a door or for a home, but also items such as cabinets or tool boxes.</p>

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Physical Presence System for the Visually Impaired</strong>
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The Clothing Based Proximity Sensors for the Visually Impaired is a prototype of a wearable device that provides a warning system for the visually impaired.</p>

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O.Y.T On Your Track Robot</strong>
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Equipped with a set of sensors and some other basic components, this On Your Track (OYT) robot is able to follow a line, making corrections to its path according to the direction the line goes.</p>

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Travel Buddy</strong>
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Travel Buddy is a service­ providing, travel data platform designed for “anyone on two wheels,” with a particular focus on motorcycle use.</p>

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Portable RFID Reader</strong>
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Designed to solve the problem of taking attendance in a classroom or an event in the modern wireless world, this project allows more classroom time to be used for instruction. Using NFC readers and Illinois Institute of Technology studentsΓÇÖ HAWK ID cards, a low-cost solution was created usin</p>

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Personal Rave Machine</strong>
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Traditionally, programming lighting for music is a tedious task requiring large equipment, bulky controllers, and a technically inclined knowledge of the equipment. Utilizing a Digital Multiplexer (DMX), it wasnΓÇÖt meant to be directly hooked up to music.</p>

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Closing Remarks</strong>
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Thanks for everyone's help!</p>